OnXOn – an ethical and ecological choice

neljä vuodenaikaa kesäpuro

The OnXOn product family has emerged from the need to make efficient and high quality cleaning products available that are at the same time sustainably produced. Often, in the event of a cleaning problem, you can exclaim: “Fortunately!” (which means in Finnish the same thing as the brand name though the spelling is a bit different) – and all your problems are gone.

The OnXOn product line includes ethically and ecologically manufactured products for household and professional use. The products have been chosen to make everyday life easier and to take care of surfaces, textiles and clothing. The products have not been tested on animals and genetically modified ingredients are not used. In the production process, every effort is made to reduce the negative impact on the environment, health, climate and natural resources.

The production of detergents complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The carbon footprint of the production chain is kept to a minimum by using about 70% of solar energy in production.

OnXOn is a registered trademark of Eettinen Luksus Oy.