Do you have a fashionable leather jacket in your wardrobe

or perhaps a pair of leather shoes to die for?


Whether your eye-catching leather product was new or old OnXOn Leather Balm is your choice when you want to enjoy for your leather product for a long time to come.

OnXOn Leather Balm moisturises, takes care of and protects.

OnXOn Leather Balm is biodegradable (OECD 302B) and its active substances – lanolin and beeswax – are 100% natural products. Lanolin or wool grease is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals such as sheep. Lanolin aids the animal in shedding water from its fur i.e. serves as a waterproof layer of the animal. The beeswax is a wax produces by honey bees. The wax is formed in the bees’ body from nectar – a sugar-rich liquid produced by plants – and is secreted for construction material of honeycombs.


Leather Products

High-quality and ecological OnXOn Leather Balm with natural lanolin and beeswax is suitable for taking care of smooth and high-gloss leather surfaces such as leather accessories, furniture, shoes, equestrian equipment, motorcycle accessories and riding gear. OnXOn Leather Balm revitalises all leather surfaces. After treatment, the leather surface is shiny, soft, smooth and water and dirt-repellent as if the surface had come alive.

OnXOn Leather Balm is not suitable for brushed natural leather such as nubuck or velour.


Wooden Products

Despite of its name, OnXOn Leather Balm is also an excellent choice for taking care of, protecting and polishing different kinds of new and old wooden furniture, toys and decorative items. New and old coated surfaces (lacquered, stained, painted) and untreated wood surfaces get a new, fresh and shiny look and a protective water and dirt-repellent layer.



Wipe gently the surface of OnXOn Leather Balm with a cleaning sponge or cloth. Spread a thin layer of OnXOn Leather Balm on the surface of the leather or wooden product gently rubbing and polishing. The treatment can be repeated after a couple of days. For any surfaces which you are uncertain of the products suitability, please test first in an inconspicuous spot. Also suitable for wood surfaces. Wooden products should be treated following the grain patterns.

Have a look also at OnXOn Leather Soap, if the leather surface needs to be cleaned.



More than 30% of aliphatic hydrocarbons, perfumes, beeswax, lanolin. Does not contain resin.


Package size


The package contains a cleaning sponge which makes it easy to apply and spread OnXOn Leather Balm.


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