Did the OnXOn Cleaning Sponge wear out during enthusiastic cleaning session?

Is there still left some OnXOn Clean Stone?

No worries!


OnXOn Cleaning Sponges are now available in a separate package!

High Quality OnXOn Cleaning Sponge is a handy tool for a variety of chores. It has two sides: rough and fine. The rough side removes even the most difficult dirt gently, while the fine side is softer and therefore suitable for both general cleaning and final touch after treatment with the rough side of the sponge.

OnXOn Cleaning Sponge is more porous but stiffer than normal sponges. You can get a good grip even when it is wet. OnXOn Cleaning Sponge lasts well but not necessarily as long as The OnXOn Cleaning Stone, whose unbeatable bedfellow is this sponge.


Package Size

5 pcs


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